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A Ministry of Persons, Not “Results”

by NightShift

“I tried to imagine what it’s like in his shoes.” By Sandy Phillipps People sometimes ask me what results we are seeing on the streets. As if we would give up and move on if we see no change in a person growing stronger in taking responsibility for themselves. The longer I am around, the…

Connect and grow with FORGE

by NightShift

We value our volunteers for what they bring to our organization, to say nothing of the hours of support they provide. Over the last year, we have been upgrading our Volunteer Services program to empower those who serve with NightShift and equip them to serve effectively together. Now we are pleased to announce another level…

Many hands make light work

by NightShift

Last weekend saw an amazing work party tackle our food and clothing warehouse, as well as our training and in/out-reach area. The team rearranged and restacked the shelving for a more efficient flow, they cleaned and scrubbed and organized around 1900 sq ft of the ministry’s space in just a few hours. What a totally amazing day with a total of 17…