Getting Together


7 Dec ~ Christmas Open House

2-3, 23-24 Nov ~ FORGE (Adults)

26 Oct ~ Gala of Light

10 Oct ~ Builders’ Breakfast Forum

24 Aug ~ Volunteer Orientation

10 Aug ~ Welcome Night

1-2, 22-23 Jun ~ FORGE (Adults)

29 May ~ 11th Annual Charity Golf Classic

25 May ~ Volunteer Orientation

11 May ~ Welcome Night

25 Apr ~ Builders’ Breakfast Forum

11 Feb ~ FORGE Youth

2-3, 23-24 Feb ~ FORGE (Adults)


8 Dec ~ Open House

3-4, 24-25 Nov ~ FORGE (Adults)

3 Nov ~ 11th Annual Gala of Light

5 Oct-Dec 6 ~ When Love Hurts

21 Jun ~ Builders’ Breakfast Forum

18 Jun ~ FORGE Youth

2 Jun ~ FORGE (Adults)

30 May ~ 10th Annual Charity Golf Classic

30 Apr ~FORGE Youth

27 Mar ~ Unmasking the Truth – Shattering the Glass Ceiling

15 Mar ~ When Love Hurts

3 Feb ~ FORGE (Adults)

What’s happening at NightShift?

In one word: lots! The many events and activities that make up the year at NightShift range from nightly street outreach to crucial fundraisers that support all the work we do at the ministry, from informal introductions (our monthly Welcome Nights) to formal volunteer training (FORGE), participation in community activities and so much more.

Our special events – Gala of Light, Golf Classic and Unmasking the Truth – bring awareness to and help us raise funds for the outreach and education services we provide at NightShift and the counselling and support groups offered through The Care Centre.

We host a series of networking opportunities – Builders’ Breakfast Briefings – for business owners interested in exploring social corporate responsibility, and casual gatherings – like our Christmas Open House – to engage with each other.

Our support groups – When Love Hurts – offer a safe place for women who are facing abuse in a personal relationship. Other group gatherings include Selah daytime drop-in for women and our weekly Art Classes.

Your donation goes further at NightShift