NightShift 2012

by NightShift

In 2012, NightShift’s Founder and President, MaryAnne Connor, wrote and published the book, the Shift, the story of how NightShift came to be.

From sleepless nights to God’s nudging; from opposition to God’s humble victories; from “us and them” to “we”, sharing NightShift’s journey just couldn’t be contained. In the Shift, MaryAnne tells the story of NightShift on the framework of what God has done, and continues to do at NightShift. The journey includes many unexpected challenges, and the incredible miracles that followed.

MaryAnne describes the earliest days of NightShift at the emergency shelter she started in that bitterly cold winter of 2004. Her writing is both gritty and tender as she describes how her own broken heart met the broken hearts of those seeking refuge at the shelter – and began to find healing. Her writing is underscored by the unbeatable truth of God’s unchanging love.

“I’m not a writer, I’m a story-teller,” MaryAnne says about writing the Shift. “I had no idea how to write a book. I just started writing and from there, it was an anointing. It just started spilling out.”

The book recounts the opposition NightShift faced in the early years, to victories and growing support from the local church, business leaders, service groups and countless individuals who felt called to join MaryAnne in sharing unconditional love, hope and purpose with people on the street, experiencing some of life’s most difficult conditions.

Today, thousands of people have read the Shift, and many have reached out to MaryAnne and NightShift to say how the book inspired them, and “shifted” their hearts. You can purchase a copy of the Shift by MaryAnne Connor at the NightShift Surrey office at 10635 King George Boulevard, or purchase on

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