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by NightShift

In 2017, NightShift launched a unique ministry initiative, a food truck called Taste of Heaven (TOH). This special food truck served dual purposes for the ministry: a professional catering food truck to raise funds and awareness for NightShift; and a food serving vehicle for NightShift’s hot meal outreach to people in need in the City of Langley.

As a catering vehicle, every event booked with TOH, and every meal purchased, supports NightShift’s  outreach and continuing care services for vulnerable people on the streets. On the menu is delicious handheld street food – gourmet sausages in a bun, using locally sourced ingredients. Since its launch, TOH has catered countless job site lunches, church gatherings and special events – all served with love, hope and purpose!

As an outreach vehicle, TOH served hot meals, prepared by volunteer teams, to people in need in Langley. With the support of Langley Vineyard Church, NightShift established our hot meal outreach in their church parking lot. We first began serving one night a week, when NightShift expanded to Langley in 2017, and expanded to two nights a week by 2019. When the pandemic struck in 2020, NightShift answered the need for more services in Langley and doubled our serving nights to four nights a week, Monday through Thursday.

With increasing demands on TOH, as both a catering vehicle and as an outreach serving vehicle, the decision was made to designate TOH as a professional food truck, raising funds and awareness for NightShift Street Ministries. In 2022, NightShift launched a new serving vehicle in Langley, the Community Outreach Vehicle (COV) to share hot meals and clothing supplies with those experiencing homelessness and poverty.

The vision behind TOH remains the same – that everyone gets fed and nourished with good food, along with love, hope and purpose. As NightShift’s Founder and President, MaryAnne Connor, says: “Taste of Heaven is about feeding people, yes, but it’s also about building community and fellowship.”

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