NightShift 2015

by NightShift

As a non-denominational faith-based organization, NightShift is host and home to many Christ-centered programs, services and groups. We love to share our space with other ministries to serve and love our friends on the street. NightShift’s Surrey building has provided space over the years for different groups who are wanting to make the gospel easily accessible for people, no matter what their circumstances. From Prayer Walks, to Street Alpha, to Bible Studies and a Sunday morning church service, NightShift is humbled to see people reaching out in love and growing in faith alongside friends from the street.

We have seen people on the street come to Jesus through our evening meal prayer circle; we have shared communion; and we have even witnessed baptisms hosted in our warehouse. NightShift is continually amazed by God’s faithfulness at NightShift and feel honoured to see so many of our volunteers and supporters sharing Christ’s love with those we serve.

Every faith group that serves from NightShift is committed to meeting people where they are, ensuring their programs are accessible to everyone. By adopting a low-barrier approach to these programs, services and groups, our community aims to break down any potential obstacles that one might encounter in accessing faith services.

We are so grateful for the churches and faith-based groups that have partnered with NightShift over the years. It has been beautiful to see the love of Jesus shared in such a loving, humble and authentic way.

Special thanks to NightShift’s faithful prayer team; Bible Study leaders Herb Larsen and Greg Kotlowski; Pastor Jin and House of Grace; the team from Club Freedom; Omega ministry students from Summit Pacific Bible College, and more.

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