NightShift 2016

by NightShift

Volunteers are the heart and hands of NightShift Street Ministries. When the ministry started, it was MaryAnne Connor (now Founder and President) and a small group of faithful people who were gathering to meet the immediate needs of vulnerable people during a winter storm. Today, 20 years later, NightShift has seen thousands of people volunteer their time to serving people in need.

As a volunteer-based organization operating 365 nights a year, NightShift relies on compassionate and dedicated volunteer teams. We are humbled and honoured by their committed service to serving those in need.

To become a “Badged” volunteer, NightShift provides an Introduction to Volunteering orientation, with an overview of NightShift’s mission, values, services, policies and procedures, and paperwork. It has been the delight of NightShift staff to meet countless people from all over Metro Vancouver, interested in serving people in need on the street at NightShift.

For those who are interested in pursuing volunteer leadership, or simply gaining a deeper understanding of what people experiencing homelessness, poverty, addiction and mental illness are going through, NightShift created a unique course called FORGE Leadership Training.

NightShift launched FORGE in 2016. Over six consecutive weeks, with uniquely curated content, FORGE further equips our volunteers to connect with people and serve and lead well. Each night features a different presenter, with expertise in addictions medicine and research, mental health, law enforcement, first response, and lived experience. These caring professionals teach from their areas of expertise, providing our volunteer team with the most up-to-date, applicable information possible.

Since we began FORGE in 2016, we have seen the way this training has impacted the interactions so many of our volunteers have during outreach. Interested in taking FORGE? Learn about coming courses here

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