During the COVID-19 pandemic, NightShift’s nightly hot meal is more important than ever for vulnerable men and women on the street.

For 60-year-old Klaus, who is homeless, the nutritious hot meal he receives at NightShift is an important part of his day he can count on, while many other services have been shut down due to concerns over the virus.

“It’s pretty rough out there right now,” shares Klaus, who lost his last home a few months ago when he got evicted from his rented home in Surrey because the property was being developed. “Right now, there’s almost nowhere to go if you’re out on the street.” Klaus used to spend his afternoons in the library reading, before they closed due to social distancing protocols.

Klaus looks forward to the hot meal he can count on 365 nights a year at NightShift Street Ministries. “Hot food is very important. It helps you keep up your energy and your health, and it helps protect you against the cold,” Klaus says. “With a hot meal, you can last all night.”

Love365, NightShift’s family of monthly donors, are a group of caring neighbours who know that offering comfort through a hot nutritious meal can help preserve health and energy for vulnerable people, especially during this critical time in history.

You can care for your neighbours in need today.

By giving to NightShift every month as a member of Love365, you can provide vulnerable men and women with a hot meal every night during the COVID-19 pandemic, and beyond.

“NightShift is the only place that provides a hot meal every night of the year here in Whalley. You can just feel the love there,” Klaus says.

Klaus first came to NightShift back in 2004, the year the ministry started reaching out to people on the street with a hot meal, prayer and hugs. Over the years, NightShift expanded its services to folks in need, providing emergency nursing, counselling, drop in programs and access to recovery.

“About 16 years ago, I was on the street, and Mac (NightShift Founder and President) and another volunteer saw me and told me to come and have something to eat. That’s how I found out about NightShift,” Klaus remembers. “It was just awesome. There was food every night, and clothing sometimes too. We never had anything like that around here. I’ve been coming ever since.”

Back then, Klaus was sleeping rough in the bush, and struggling with addiction. His life began to take a downward turn after a divorce from the mother of his children. He had also suffered a serious car accident while riding his bike. Using drugs was a way to escape both the physical pain, and the emotional pain.

About six years ago, Klaus went to detox, and got clean for a few years. He says his journey into sobriety wouldn’t have been possible without the kindness, prayers and counselling he got at NightShift. “If I hadn’t had the support of NightShift, I wouldn’t have gotten clean,” he says.

At that time, Klaus gratefully shared his recovery story with the crowd at NightShift’s nightly outreach meal. “I would get up to the mic and tell people about my life and how NightShift helped me get clean. We got a few people off the street that way,” Klaus remembers through tears.

Klaus hasn’t let go of hope that he will get clean again. He knows that the hot meal and consistent, caring community he finds at NightShift, are essential to getting back on the road to recovery.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, and a scarcity of services for people in need on the street, Klaus feeds his hope with the nightly hot meals at NightShift, and knowing the volunteers are praying for him. “If I didn’t have the meal at NightShift, every night at 7 o’clock, I don’t know where I would be right now.”

By joining LOVE365, you can care for your neighbours in need today