Recovery Ride 2012 – Day Two: of Princes and Majesty

by NightShift

We were out of cell and internet range for much of Sunday, so this update is just a brief one to share some of the images from Day Two. Having spent precious time in Prince George with so many wonderful people, we ended the day in the majesty of the Peace River mountains at Mackenzie Azouzetta Lake Lodge. The scenery was incredibly beautiful… especially as we rounded into the camping ground nestled – at the base of a spectacular mountain range – beside a pristine, still lake. As we drove into the campsite, I was reminded of what it must have felt like for Moses, as he stood at the base of Mount Sinai and looked up, way, way up – like Mr. Rogers 🙂 – as he started His long ascent to speak face-to-face with God. After spending forty days/nights with God, he descended down the mountain with two stone tablets on which he had chiseled the Ten Commandments. He wasn’t aware at the time that his face radiated because He had spoken with the Lord! So much so that people were afraid of him. He had to place a veil over his face after each time He met with God. Imagine that Glory!  (Exodus 34)   Day Two Recovery Ride 2012 I will say this: it’s been an unbelievable trip so far.  The experience brought me to my knees beside my little bed last night, in awe and gratitude for God giving us the privilege to be His hands and feet. We’re asking God to fill us with His Glory – to be His Light piercing the darkness! Our prayer is that the people we meet along the way will see the Light of Jesus radiating from our faces as we pass through. God’s presence is with us! This little band of warriors on our modern day mission trip! Amen! MaryAnne Connor (Mac) The 2012 Recovery Ride is – in the words of the Freedom Biker Church of Surrey – truly a “road trip of a lifetime”. In support of the Care Village, we are happy to accept donations to provide that safe haven in Fort St John. The Care Village will be a refuge for anyone seeking recovery from the cycle of addiction or substance abuse, or just in need of temporary respite, away from the struggles of everyday life. If you’d like to follow the journey live, join us on Twitter or Facebook for status updates and images of this wonderful journey.

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