A place for all people, a village of care

by NightShift

Monday 3rd October marks the first day of voting for this truly visionary project. NightShift is planing to build ‘a village of retreat, recovery and reintegration’. The Care Village is a safe haven for people seeking restoration. By enabling individuals to rediscover purpose and unconditional love – by supporting them with counselling, life/work skills education and all-round care – the village of care will foster longer-term hope and healing, leading to a real chance at reintegration in the community. The village already exists, but we are seeking funding from the Aviva Community Fund to restore, extend and furnish the buildings. Help us to build this vital link in the recovery program: all we need today is your vote. Click on the AVIVA link to read more about the project and to vote for The Care Village: a refuge for people who wrestle with addiction, mental or physical illness, who have no place to turn for help and who may find themselves alone, living on the street. Vote daily to help as move on to the next round:

Round I: 3-19 Oct Round II: 24 Oct-9 Nov Round III: 14-30 Nov Semi-Finals: 5-16 Dec

Thank you for spreading the love. MaryAnne Connor (Mac)

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