Walk the Walk: in the face of adversity

by NightShift

I find it amazing how many parallels there are between my Walk the Walk training and the challenges we face at NightShift – life in general. Every time I lace up either at the track or at the gym, I am reminded how difficult it is to stay faithful to my commitment – at the gym, on the track and in the ministry – especially when life gets in the way. I’m often tired. I admit the going is rough. Too often I want to dive for cover and escape with a good book.

“Core Time – All The Time” “Head/eyes up” “Breathe  in through the nose, out through the mouth” “Don’t give up” “Can’t does not belong in training” “Just five more” “Stop whining”

words that ring in my ears as I start my first lap around the track. I call them Carl C-isms. Carl C, my trainer, throws them at me on a regular basis to encourage me to push through and press ahead – even when it hurts. At the moment, it hurts at the ministry. Over the last week, we’ve lost beloved members of our street family – a hit-and-run death, a drug overdose, a relapse sliding into addiction and jail, cancer with 12 months’ to live. It hurts…to the core. I had a revelation tonight as I pushed through my training regime. I didn’t feel like it. But as I held firm to each lap, I was reminded of what ‘Core Time – All The Time’ means beyond my training regime. Balance. Strength. Christ. Christ is my core – All The Time. I acknowledge that with consistent training and sheer determination I will be ready for the Walk the Walk. But when faced with life challenges, adversities, death and eternity stuff, I can’t make it on my own. Not one step. Not one heartbeat without my Core. My Strength. My Christ. “Christ in me – the hope of glory.” (Colossians 1:24-29) Adversity wants to wrestle me to the ground every day. I can’t give in to it. I can’t give up. Nor should you!

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