Stories of Advent – Maisie

by NightShift

Every life has value

Meet Maisie Zandbergen, NightShift Street Ministries’ resource worker.

When Maisie joined the NightShift staff team last year, she brought a deep understanding of meeting people where they are at, valuing their lives, and helping with their immediate needs. Maisie meets one-on-one with people in our Resource Centre, many of whom are experiencing homelessness, poverty, addiction or mental illness.

Maisie’s favourite part of her job is meeting people, building rapport and establishing trust. “Something important to recognize with the people we work with is that, often times, if you miss the opportunity to connect with them, they don’t come back,” says Maisie.

“What I hear from our friends, time and time again, is that they can tell NightShift cares. They know we recognize the value of their lives and the weight of their circumstance. They aren’t just another case to us.”

NightShift’s Resource Centre was developed to offer people the opportunity for empowerment by accessing community resources – no matter what their situation might be. When Maisie meets with each person, she establishes connection through kindness and a listening ear. She then assists people in their needs, such as navigating the BC Housing system or accessing income assistance.

“Navigating these social systems can be incredibly overwhelming,” Maisie explains. “It’s even more of a challenge for those who don’t have a permanent address or a phone or access to a computer.”

This Christmas season, will you consider giving to support people in need through NightShift’s nightly hot meals and Resource Centre?

Maisie shares one of the recent joys she experienced with a Resource Centre friend:

“I had the privilege of watching an individual go from being unable to access income assistance, to finally being able to receive those cheques. He was then able to find a place to rent and I don’t see him on the street anymore.

“And that’s God… it’s not us. We’re able to assist and be His hands and feet, but it’s God that’s doing the heavy lifting.”

Thank you, with all my heart, for helping NightShift be God’s “hands and feet”. Your kindness and generosity to people who need it most in our communities can change lives.

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Join NightShift as we celebrate the season of Advent on our social media platforms and Advent page on our website. Each day you’ll get a “window” into the life of our ministry. And we’ll be sharing stories of hope with you throughout December!

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One thought on “Stories of Advent – Maisie

Ellen Edwards

Thanks, Maisie, for your care and kindness to many needy people all year long.
You do have a loving heart and are much valued for your helpfulness to the people.
At times when I drop by with warm clothes or blankets, I see you talking with someone
and can feel the true care you share.
Love from Ellen


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