NightShift 2008

by NightShift

In 2008, NightShift’s first social enterprise was born. The idea sprouted from the plethora of clothing donations we were receiving for distribution at nightly outreach. With many of these items not meeting the immediate needs of our street friends, MaryAnne Connor had the innovative idea of launching a thrift store open to the public, both to help to recycle remaining donated items to a good home and also to direct funds towards NightShift’s mission of caring for vulnerable men and women in our community.

When Sisters Thrift Boutique opened, it was bursting at the seams with beautiful designer and vintage pieces. We saw hundreds of friendly faces over the years, coming to shop and to help at the store. There was a deep sense of friendship at Sisters, largely due to the ladies operating it, Angie and Kathrin, making sure that everyone involved with the store would feel valued and seen, ensuring they left feeling even better than when they arrived. “Angie had such a way with finding the exact right piece for each person,” shares Kathrin, who operated the digital side of things including a first-of-its kind app!

A true social enterprise, all proceeds generated through Sisters went directly to our outreach mission, and the store would hire people in the community who were looking to re-enter the workforce and provide training to people who may not have been able to secure positions elsewhere.

In addition to selling clothing, Sisters would also give away items to those in need: men looking for suits to wear to upcoming job interviews; girls who couldn’t afford prom dresses; single parents who couldn’t afford baby clothes; and friends from the street who needed something clean and dry to wear.

Sisters Thrift Boutique enhanced the ministry of NightShift, blessing many along the way, for 10 years, before closing its doors in 2018. NightShift will never forget the wonderful memories and connections we made through this store.

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