Changes: a time of transition

by NightShift

This summer has seen a lot of changes at 10635 King George Boulevard. From preparations for the move of Sisters Thrift Boutique and subsequent MINGA remodelling of our facilities to support additional programs, to a handing over of the baton at The Care Centre. The following post, written by outgoing Care Bus and The Care Centre Manager, Leah Baugh, is reprinted here with permission from The Care Centre:

I look back on these last three years as Counselling Services Manager at The Care Centre and gratitude sweeps in. Gratitude for the incredible staff and volunteers that I’ve been able to get to know both professionally and personally. Gratitude for the opportunity to advocate for clients and to refer them to a counsellor who will best fit their counselling goals. Because of the connection I’ve developed with The Care Centre and NightShift over the past three years, I’m also grateful that they will still have me and for the opportunity to continue in my role as a Contract Counsellor and volunteering with our team of professionals on the Care Bus. But if I’m being honest, (it is in these moments when I wonder why in the world I had to write a blog post on authenticity in the past!) there are many other emotions mingling with gratitude. While there are moments of joy when I consider going to graduate school at the University of British Columbia, there are also teary moments when I need to give myself space to reflect on the challenge this transition brings. Moments when it dawns on me that I won’t get to connect with my second family, the staff and colleagues at NightShift and The Care Centre, every day. I also experience moments of discomfort and anxiety when I think about the next two years. I’ve grown quite comfortable in my identity and role at The Care Centre and now I’m facing a new journey, trying to find a place and an identity as a graduate student, and hopefully more than just as a student number. In moments like these, where joy is threatened to be replaced by fear and tears, I remember that I am embarking on a mission with purpose. A mission with the ultimate goal to receive training to grow both personally and in my knowledge and abilities as a counsellor so I can be better equipped to support the clients I get to journey alongside. While I do not know exactly how this mission will play out, this is the end goal I am striving for. In the famous words of JRR Tolkien and his character Bilbo Baggins, “I’m going on an adventure!” I am also excited for each of you to connect with Kristina Sohal, our new Counselling Services Manager. Kristina is not only highly qualified for the position of Counselling Services Manager, but we are so thankful to have her tenacious and compassionate character on our team of counsellors. Till we meet again, Leah Baugh

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