Back to school

by NightShift

Pacific Academy school bus full of teachers visit NightShift

Get a busload of this: teachers from Pacific Academy on their back-to-school outing…

At mid-day yesterday, we had almost the entire Pacific Academy teaching body, of close to 90 people, roll up for a quick tour of the ministry. One teacher has been bringing her Pacific Academy students down to our evening outreach on a weekly basis pretty much since NightShift first started serving. She shared how her students become involved in street ministry and supporting the less fortunate members of our society. Last year, 70 of her students signed up to volunteer with the ministry and she is looking forward to interviewing and accepting a similar number of students for the coming school year. The majority of the teachers had not visited us before and so we had the opportunity to talk about current and potential volunteering opportunities and projects. Those who had been to our previous location were impressed with the space we now have and how the ministry and programs offered have grown in the past few years. Pacific Academy teachers outing to NightShift By the time the Pacific Academy teaching staff got back on the bus, it was with a mutual inspiration of how we could work together in the coming months. In the meantime, the generous visitors left us with 60 bag lunches, all prepared according to Fraser Health Standards, for our outreach team to hand out that evening. They had certainly done their homework! Blessings, Carmen & Paul

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