A story of the Care Bus

Care Bus side view

When you are struggling to survive a night on the streets or dealing with health or addiction problems and wondering where the next meal will come from, there’s typically little energy left to access services to take a bigger step towards recovery. We decided to bring some of those services to the streets. Literally and […]

Out of darkness, colour breaks

Art Cards for sale

Support the Art Program I absolutely love how a seed is planted in the hearts of our volunteers and their passion grabs hold of them. With prayer and nurturing that small idea grows into something bigger than they ever dreamed. Some time ago I was talking with Maggie, one of our licensed counsellors and a […]

Carr – Carolyn Reed

RIP Carr going viral_AP_14Aug2014

On Wednesday, August 6th, we lost a friend. The void that Carr – Carolyn Reed – has left is hard to describe in words, so we’d like to share some of the memories that rapidly built into a memorial for Carr on the spot where she often spent the night, on the sidewalk next to […]