Employment opportunity at NightShift

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NightShift seeks an experienced Executive Assistant to support the President. NightShift Street Ministries is a not-for-profit, multi-denominational Christian organization that has been working with poor, vulnerable and under-resourced men and women since 2004 in the Surrey area. The ministry’s focus is on building relationships, helping people find hope and purpose and reaching out through unconditional love […]

Bathing beauties

2012 wash the bus

When NightShift first started serving and offering emergency shelter in Whalley, over ten years ago, we were practically homeless ourselves. Somehow we always found a way – and the hands and feet kept coming – to provide a nightly meal and whatever else we could get together to offer people in need. A hot meal […]

Just one more sleep…

2014 Golf family

As we move into the summer months, we see many more people milling around in the evenings, waiting in line for a plate of food, a care kit with a new toothbrush or a change of jeans, maybe they’re listening to the live music or looking expectantly for the Care Bus to roll in with […]