Without wheels into the New Year

We don’t own a large fleet of vehicles to serve the thousands of people who turn to NightShift for help or to get involved. There’s our aging clothing truck and converted mobile kitchen trailer which are in heavy use 365 days/year. Then there’s our mobile counselling/medical Care Bus which we gingerly bring to the streets […]

Christmas Open House

What starts with a bowl of soup can lead to so much more. Let’s start up a conversation. Let’s figure out what more is in us. Come to our Christmas Open House on Friday, December 4th! Join our staff, volunteers, supporters and street family for smokies and soup and hot apple cider from 6-8 pm. […]

What ministry means to NightShift

As NightShift steps into the next decade, I find myself reflecting on the word ‘ministry’. Early in 2004, as we were establishing the name, we were very intentional in adding the aspect of ‘ministry’ to our official title. Why were we so adamant to call ourselves NightShift Street Ministries? Because ‘ministry’ is at the core […]

Changes: a time of transition

This summer has seen a lot of changes at 10635 King George Boulevard. From preparations for the move of Sisters Thrift Boutique and subsequent MINGA remodelling of our facilities to support additional programs, to a handing over of the baton at The Care Centre. The following post, written by outgoing Care Bus and The Care […]