When the shoe fits

by NightShift

Dear Dad, You missed a great night with NightShift. Over 100 street friends served and just a handful of volunteers. I worked in the clothing truck and a fellow named E. came up looking for some size 10 shoes. I had NOTHING to give him, but recalled seeing a larger sized pair of runners in a pile of unsorted stuff in the main building. I limped (yes I was still limping) in to get them and found E. “They will be a little big, but big is better than small, right?” E. took them and went away. I served another lady with some clothes as she was so filthy looking. Pretty face, about 30, she had been wearing whatever she had on for too long. We had a limit of two items per person as clothing supplies were SO low. She also needed a toothbrush and razor and just begged me for them. Boy it’s tough at times. I’m starting to get so many ideas for that precious group! Next thing I know E. is back returning the runners. He didn’t have the heart to keep them as they would fit someone else better, so I took them back. Then at prayer circle I was holding the hand of G. in the scooter and he mentioned to me that he needed shoes. I thought of the runners again but figured they’d be too big again when I looked down at his feet. Well, G. is a big guy but his feet looked smaller than they were. He was a 13 double E. I got down on my knees right there and then and took off one of his shoes for him (because his fingers don’t work right) and began to open up the new runner as wide as possible, loosening the laces to the maximum. I slipped the runner onto his foot and was shocked – it fit like a glove. A beautiful Cinderella moment in a dirty, North Surrey homeless setting. I located E. and brought him over to see the shoes on G. – we all hugged!! I can hardly wait to go back! I just might bring a sweet pair of size 10 runners along with me for precious E. By Darci, one of NightShift’s precious volunteers

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