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Love Starts with Soup

by NightShift

For most people, the holidays mean spending time with loved ones. Christmas time highlights family gatherings, the blessings of being together, and sharing unconditional love. For Richard, thoughts of family gatherings and feasting over the Christmas table bring up memories of his Mom, who passed away in 2005. She was, he says, "a saint, my…

Peace Starts with Soup

by NightShift

For people struggling with homelessness and poverty, finding peace and goodwill, even at Christmas time, can sometimes seem impossible. The last few years, Mark has had a lot to deal with. He was let go from his job as a point-of-sales system supervisor, without cause, in 2015. Although he doesn’t know for sure, Mark suspects…

Hope Starts with Soup

by NightShift

Riding her bike through the inner-city streets of Surrey, Heather, often has a warm smile for others. Yet, despite her engaging smile, the idea of "hope", even at Christmas time, has been lost for her since she was a child. "Kids have more hope than adults do about what's to come at Christmas," Heather says.…