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Recovery is real, and it can start with a hot meal

by NightShift

NightShift has been blessed to befriend many people in our 17 years reaching out to people struggling with homelessness, poverty, addictions and mental illness. Some friends, we have lost touch with over the years. And some friends, like Michael, we meet again, in surprising and inspiring ways. Michael had experienced homelessness for about 20 years,…

Restoring what was lost, and finding hope

by NightShift

Owen has been coming to NightShift's nightly outreach for over 15 years. The hot meal and the community he finds here nourish his hunger and his need for connection. NightShift's hot meal outreach provides Owen with a sense of comfort and stability, especially during a difficult pandemic year. "I suffer from asthma, and with this…

The other side of the mountain

by NightShift

George is one of our regulars. Most nights we see him at our outreach meal, helping volunteers, joining new faces for dinner and carrying on conversations with the friends he’s made over the years at NightShift. Born and raised in Fiji, George came to Canada when he was 16 and completed high school here. After…