Summer on the Streets of Surrey

by NightShift

It’s official, summer has started: we can put away winter sweaters and boots, strip away thick blankets and duvets, say adieu to shivering cold as we start to enjoy the feel of the sun on our skin. Or can we? When you live on the streets, these items are a necessity all year round. As necessary as suitable clothing and shelter is a warm meal, support and love. It’s something we provide no matter the time of year, no matter the weather. NightShift volunteers are out on the streets every night of the year to reach out where choices are tough, to offer friendship in a friendless place, to provide hope in the face of helplessness. Next time you think of homelessness as a winter issue, think about our street friends. Join us for an informal Information Night on the first Friday of the month or email us for details. You might be surprised at how you can help.

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