Stories of Advent – Wayne

by NightShift

Wayne’s Story of Hope and Recovery

Wayne’s story is a powerful one of receiving, and giving, hope and love.

After decades struggling with addiction, Wayne will spend this Christmas embracing life and serving others! Wayne embraced freedom from addiction and reclaimed his life through a very special recovery program that operates here at NightShift Street Ministries.

Earlier this year, Wayne enrolled in the RE:ACT program (Recovery Education from Addiction and Complex Trauma) after growing tired and weary of long-term drug use. He knew he wanted to get back to “normal”, but he no longer knew what normal was. He had been in addiction for almost five decades, and many times over the years Wayne had tried various outreach services and attended rehabs, in hopes of recovery, but nothing stuck – until he found RE:ACT. Immediately he knew this program was different.

“I’ve come to a point in my recovery where I’m learning how to live again,” shares Wayne of his recovery journey at RE:ACT. “They didn’t talk about my drug abuse – they helped me work through the traumas that led to my drug abuse.” He says he has learned he is not defined by addiction, but instead, by the deep love of God.

This Christmas and beyond, you can help support people like Wayne on their recovery journey through NightShift’s partnership with RE:ACT.

Wayne remembers the many times over the years, he would come to NightShift for a hot meal, as far back as 2004. Now, he wants to give back to the community that was once there for him.

“If someone like me can recover, maybe I can inspire someone else to do the same,” shares Wayne. He says if he could impact even one person with his story, he would be happy.

There were many times Wayne prayed to God to help him overcome his addiction, but he says he knows God waited, with perfect timing, until he was ready. With the help of RE:ACT and a supportive community, Wayne now walks with his head held high, believing in God, and in himself.

NightShift is delighted that this Christmas, Wayne will join our volunteer team serving a hot turkey dinner and gifts for our friends in need on the streets! And he will bring with him a powerful message of hope and love.

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