Stories of Advent – Wanda

by NightShift

As we draw near to Christmas 2020, we can’t help but think about all the precious relationships built at NightShift Street Ministries over the years, with the community we serve.

Some people we meet only once or twice. And some, we get to know over the years, as they become long-lasting friends. Friends like Wanda.

Wanda first came to NightShift about seven years ago, struggling with homelessness after being evicted from a rental home that didn’t meet building codes. When another friend on the street told her about our services, NightShift quickly became the place Wanda could count on for a hot meal and caring people to connect with.

“NightShift was a God-send,” shares Wanda. “There were times the hot meal was the only meal I had in a day. The dry clothes and shoes are important because when the cold gets to your bones, it can be dangerous. At NightShift, I’ve never been told ‘no, we can’t help you’.”

Though the years, we’ve gotten to know Wanda through our hot meal outreach, and drop-in events. Wanda especially enjoys the holiday meal celebrations at NightShift, like the Christmas dinner coming up this month. This is when we serve a hot turkey dinner with all the trimmings, gifts, and of course, hope.

This Christmas season you can help Wanda, and hundreds of others, be part of a community of hope as NightShift serves a holiday meal to people struggling with homelessness, poverty, addiction and mental illness in Surrey and Langley.

Last year, Wanda got the good news that a home had been found for her, through a local outreach worker. Now, she is determined to share hope and support with others struggling on the street. “I always got treated good at NightShift. Just because you’re homeless doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to be treated like a human. Helping others is what I’m meant to do now.”

Though she now has a roof over her head, Wanda still enjoys connecting with friends and volunteers at NightShift. “I like the good food, the friendly faces and having people I can talk to.”

We look forward to seeing Wanda, and hundreds of other friends in the community, as we share a hot turkey dinner this Christmas season. Thank you for being a part of sharing Christmas hope in our community!

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