Stories of Advent – George and Wes

by NightShift

George and Wes share love, hope and purpose

Our friends George and Wes first came to NightShift for help in their own lives – but they stayed to offer help to others.

George and Wes have made a significant impact on our staff, volunteers and our friends on the street. Their presence is felt throughout the NightShift nieghbourhood. Their hearts for giving back are woven into our mission of sharing love, hope and purpose with one another.

George and Wes are an important part of NightShift’s evening meal outreach – showing up early to help set up and staying after to help clean up. George also helps many of our friends with mobility issues by bringing them a hot meal and offering prayer.

George first came to NightShift about five years ago, when he was trying to turn his life around after struggling with addiction. George found comfort in the NightShift prayer circle, when volunteers and street friends come together to pray with one another.

“The only way for me to stay clean is to volunteer at a place like NightShift. God came into my life and I thank God for this opportunity. It changed my life,” shares George.

Wes came to NightShift eight years ago for a hot meal after hearing about our nightly outreach at a nearby shelter he was staying at. He longed for community, and for friends. He continues to come nearly every night.

“I come out here every night, you’ve helped me so much, and you have become my friends,” says Wes. “You guys have been great to me, and now I like to reciprocate your kindness. This demonstrates your motto: you give us love, you give us hope and you give us purpose.”

This Christmas and beyond, you can help share a hot meal, and love, hope and purpose with friends like George and Wes.

I am delighted to share that a few weeks ago, Wes and George received honorary NightShift volunteer badges in recognition of their humble service to the community.

“It makes me cry, because I have been looking for somewhere to share my life,” says George. “If it wasn’t for NightShift, and serving here, I wouldn’t be where I am today. The Lord has answered another prayer.”

George and Wes remind me, and all of us, that what we do at NightShift is about more than serving a hot meal – it’s about the love, hope and purpose that are shared as we gather together for that meal. It’s an honour to be part of this community. Thank you for being a part of it too!

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Join NightShift as we celebrate the season of Advent on our social media platforms and Advent page on our website. Each day gives a “window” into the life of our ministry as we continue to share stories of hope with you throughout December!

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