Stories of Advent – David

by NightShift

A thoughtful and quiet man, when David speaks, the words are powerful and from the heart.

After 15 years lost in addiction, and struggling with homelessness, David will spend this Christmas clean, sober, and excited about his future. David embraced freedom from addiction and reclaimed his life through a very special recovery program that operates here at NightShift Street Ministries.

“There were a lot of issues I never talked about from my childhood that caused me to go out and drink and start using drugs,” shares David. “I decided I needed to get some help to deal with it.”

Four months ago, David began the RE:ACT program (Recovery and Education from Addiction and Complex Trauma) in NightShift’s Education Room. Through teachings, activities, coaching and community, RE:ACT is dedicated to seeing people find freedom from brokenness and addictions, by working through past trauma.

Much of David’s pain related to the deaths of beloved family members, and abuse he suffered as a child. He says there were painful feelings he never addressed, instead using alcohol and drugs to numb the pain.

“For so many years, I stuffed all my emotions. I never talked about them, and the pain was holding me down,” says David. “Guys don’t usually talk about their emotions. At RE:ACT, I’ve learned that being a man who talks about my emotions doesn’t make me weak, it makes me stronger.”

With RE:ACT’s help in dealing with painful emotions, David has come to feel something else – joy and self-worth.

“I finally feel really proud of myself. I feel light and happy and hopeful. I like that feeling,” says David. “Addiction held me back for so long, but I can finally break free and move on, and build a better life. My friends and family are amazed at where my life is at.”

This Christmas and beyond, you can help support people like David on their recovery journey through NightShift’s partnership with RE:ACT.

It is such an honour to walk alongside the RE:ACT recovery program, and to get to meet people like David, who bravely share their stories of hope and healing. It’s the kind of thing that makes us stand up and cheer for God’s goodness on the NightShift neighbourhood. Join us!

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Join NightShift as we celebrate the season of Advent on our social media platforms and Advent page on our website. Each day you’ll get a “window” into the life of our ministry. And I’ll be sharing stories of hope with you throughout December!

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