SOS – urgent call for PRAYER

by NightShift


I am reaching out to you today with an URGENT CALL FOR PRAYER.

We hear the words daily in newscasts, and read them in print media all over the Lower Mainland: “fentanyl crisis” and “overdose epidemic”. There are lives behind those words – lives that are being lost, as people die tragically and abruptly from overdoses. Then there are the lives of those left behind – family and friends whose hope has been robbed from them of ever seeing their loved one set free from the grip of addiction.

At NightShift, we have seen the carnage, and we are broken by it. In the last few days, we have seen people collapse on the sidewalks, and answered the desperate cries of people screaming for an ambulance. We are losing people we love. Just this past weekend, we learned one of our dear NightShift friends had died from an overdose.

It’s been devastating watching the overdoses and seeing the trauma affect our volunteers, staff, friends and neighbourhood. As a Christian faith organization that is dependent on God and our fellow man, we are free to pull out the most powerful weapon in our battle against addiction and death – prayer.

We are pleading with God to save souls, restore hope in the hearts of addicts and family members, and to stop the flow of deadly drugs. Will you join us in our corporate prayer effort? That means you and I together, praying humbly and steadfastly to our Saviour.

Will you join us in praying to God over the following five points:

    • SALVATION: That many more people would turn to Jesus as the source of full and eternal life.
    • FREEDOM: That those stuck in the grips of addiction would receive the true freedom only God has for them.
    • HOPE: That those traumatized by the overdoses and deaths in the streets would find a deep and lasting sense of hope in Christ through this dark time in our history.
    • SAFETY: That our front lines workers – our neighbourhood residents, outreach volunteers, paramedics, and police, would be kept safe from harm as they respond to those in crisis.
    • UNITY: That we would work together in finding solutions and hope for the future – government, law enforcement, business, medical experts and the faith community.


If my people will humble themselves and pray, and search for me, and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear them from heaven and forgive their sins and heal their land” (2 Chronicles 7:14 (TLB).


Holding onto hope,

MaryAnne Connor (Mac) Rev., RPC

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