Recovery Ride 2012 – Day One: to Hope and beyond!

by NightShift

As we pulled out from Langley, the excitement could not be more tangible. We were off on the 2012 Recovery Ride and if the name of our first stop was anything to go by, our journey was rich in it: Hope. Pastor Chuck had led us in a short devotional about us all being anointed to spread the Good News this trip. We prayed together on our knees in the middle of the Harley Davidson parking lot, too cool! One guy observing this from the dealership asked what we were doing. He wondered if someone had died because we were on our knees. Actually, he was right – someone did die. On the Cross! With Andria driving our new one-ton truck (generously donated by Canadian CTR), full of furniture and goodies for the Care Village, we fell in line, convoy style, with the members of the Freedom Biker Church of Surrey. The following photos were taken during Day One of our journey through God’s amazing creation.  We were shouting amen, amen and amen…what a canvas! Recovery Ride 2012 - Day One By late afternoon we had arrived at the Williams Lake campground. With the sun slipping over the hills and the melody of sweet guitar and gospel tunes lingering on, the night just got better and better!! Thank you Papa for such an incredible, inspiring day. MaryAnne Connor (Mac) Founder/President NightShift Street Ministries PS If you’d like to follow the journey live, join us on Twitter or Facebook for status updates and images of this wonderful journey.

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