Out of darkness, colour breaks

by NightShift

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I absolutely love how a seed is planted in the hearts of our volunteers and their passion grabs hold of them. With prayer and nurturing that small idea grows into something bigger than they ever dreamed. Some time ago I was talking with Maggie, one of our licensed counsellors and a teacher at a Christian school, to look for “talent” when she was out on the street. It inspired her to do more than just counsel on the Care Bus. She gathered donations of art supplies and volunteers and started our Art Program!

Carolyn Jarvis, chief correspondent of 16×9, said she witnessed sheer joy as the Global crew filmed our art class. For an hour, a kid could be a kid – just by drawing and forgetting about not having enough money for food or clothes. The program airs on Saturday, 29th November.

Our Tuesday art class is an escape. Artists of all ages come in from the street and paint bright shapes and faraway places – a release from the harsh reality of every day life of poverty and problems. Adults and children alike are free to spend a couple of hours in an atmosphere of love and safety, away from the chaos of the street.

“It’s a time when I see laughter, smiles, conversations, connection and a softening of people’s hearts,” explains Maggie, as she regularly welcomes a dozen and more participants, aged 8-68, to the NightShift outreach centre.

The art class has also become an opportunity for people on the streets – or anyone stopping by to share in drawing, painting or sculpturing activities – to give back to NightShift. Over the last few weeks, the students have gathered and donated their artwork to help fund the program!

Art Cards for salePackages of 12 can be purchased for $20 from our offices. Or add $5 for mailing and we’ll send them to you. Please email us for details. They make a great Christmas or anytime card.

If you want to get involved or have access to art supplies that would support our program, please let us know!


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