NightShift 2009

by NightShift

As a registered charitable organization, NightShift’s donor support is vitally important to our outreach, care and programs for people in need. As our little ministry grew, NightShift took the leap into special fundraising events, inviting people to gather and financially support having a positive impact on the community.

NightShift’s annual Gala of Light (now called An Evening With NightShift) was launched in 2007, and by 2008, we added our annual Charity Golf Classic. Both these events continue to bring in almost half of NightShift’s annual revenues. They have helped the growth of the ministry and supported many special projects which have brought increased care and resources to the vulnerable people we serve.

Fundraising events have added significance for NightShift. To keep the integrity of our Christian outreach mission, and immediately respond to the needs of our friends on the street, we have never accepted regular government funding. That means that everything the ministry does – from hot meals, clothing, counselling and nursing care, health clinics, resources, drop-in programs and more – is funded by the free will financial giving of people who truly care – people like you!

NightShift’s 2009 Gala fundraiser was an exceptionally inspirational event. That year, our special guests included two dear friends we had known since the earliest days of NightShift, Denis and Christy, who shared how the ministry had impacted their lives. In the photo above, Denis smiles alongside NightShift Founder and President MaryAnne Connor. “I will never forget that night,” MaryAnne remembers. “Denis and Christy joined us for a night of fundraising, storytelling and community. Denis and Christy arrived dressed to the nines, clothed in pieces collected from Sisters Thrift Boutique.”

NightShift events are not only lots of fun (if we do so say ourselves!), they inspire people to join our mission to share unconditional love, and help each other find hope and purpose.

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