NightShift 2007

by NightShift

From the beginning, NightShift quickly became a special place of interdenominational Christian faith and service. Folks from dozens of churches in Surrey and beyond have come together over the years, in answer to Jesus’ call to care for the poor, and in faithful service to our outreach mission.

Pictured here is a vision-casting and prayer lunch at NightShift with local church pastors. This was where NightShift staff and pastors in the community would gather and share compelling and inspiring visions for the future of NightShift as an organization.

Without the support from the local church, NightShift wouldn’t be where we are or who we are today. The church community were among the first to get involved in serving regularly. Countless people of faith, from dozens and dozens of churches, played an integral role in ensuring NightShift’s mission was lived out tangibly in the community. Church involvement from all over Surrey, and beyond, was a huge catalyst for the growth of NightShift’s nightly outreach, and the development of our care programs.

Through the incredible support of the church, a ground swell of new volunteers, donors and supporters were born. People would find out about NightShift through the faith grapevine. “They would come and volunteer before going back to their church to tell more people,” Founder and President MaryAnne Connor remembers. “Soon, NightShift had hundreds of volunteers from churches in the Lower Mainland.”

Today, NightShift has thousands of supporters in our database, from churches, businesses, service clubs, schools, families, individuals and more. And it all started with the local church.

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