More Than Soup – Contest

by NightShift

Our More Than Soup Contest provides a way to fundraise and build awareness about what NightShift is doing to reach the homeless, hurting and vulnerable people on our streets.

The idea for the More Than Soup Contest was inspired by one of our favourite fundraisers, fitness trainer and friend of NightShift, Carl C., who holds the current record for most donations ever collected in a NightShift More Than Soup collection can. He flexed his fundraising muscle last year, when he collected a whopping $1,201.01 in a single can, in under two months!

He first picked up a More Than Soup can a few years ago at the annual NightShift gala fundraiser. “I was very much inspired by the generosity of the people in the room, and I thought ‘what can I do?’” Carl C. remembers. “Then I saw that pyramid of cans and I knew I could do that. I could just start with asking people around me, in my classes and at the gym, to be a part of helping NightShift.”

Carl C. started by simply telling people a little bit about NightShift, including the nightly meal outreach, the women’s Extreme Weather Response shelter and the Taste of Heaven food truck. Then, his finely crafted pitch: “No donation is too big, no donation is too small – but we are looking for folding money!” he told people. “Interestingly, they would give me whatever was in their wallets, but they would also come back with more money!”

The More Than Soup Contest

It’s simple. Get yourself one of our More Than Soup collection cans and put it in your place of business or your home. As you meet with family, friends, customers and clients, tell them about NightShift Street Ministries. Share our mission to change lives with meals, love, hope and purpose. Share your own involvement with NightShift, and the impact the ministry has had on your life. Ask people to partner with you by making a donation to the can.

The chance to win one of two great prizes is only half the fun! Along the way, you’ll get to know more about Carl C., who will encourage you with his fundraising tips, and his unbeatable enthusiasm for helping others.

The More Than Soup Contest gives you a chance to win one of TWO great prizes:

  • For every full collection can you return to NightShift, you will be entered in a draw to win a Starbuck’s gift card and a signed copy of the book The Shift, the true story of how God called NightShift Founder and President, MaryAnne Connor, to leave a successful business career to help people on the streets of Surrey.
  • The person/business bringing in the most donations in a single can will instantly win a signed copy of The Shift, along with a dinner-for-two gift card to a fine local restaurant!

Rules and Guidelines:

  • All contest can entries must be registered by filling out the simple form below.
  • All contest can entries must be returned to NightShift by or before 5 July 2019.
  • Enter as many contest cans as you like, but each returned can should be filled to the best of your ability.
  • If you are fundraising and displaying a More Than Soup contest can at your workplace, ask permission from your manager or employer.
  • Must be a legal resident of BC, 19 years or older to enter. Minors fundraising must be supervised by an adult.
  • Individual contest can entries must be picked up at NightShift Street Ministries, 10635 King George Boulevard in Surrey, Monday to Friday, between 9 am and 5 pm.
  • Business contest can entries will be delivered to the Surrey and Langley areas, by filling out your business name, address, number of cans and contact name below, before 28 June 2019.
  • Have fun!

Individual Entry Form

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Business Entry Form

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