Mary’s ‘yes’ changed the world!

by NightShift

Two thousand years ago, a young teenage, Jewish girl named Mary said “yes” to an impossible God assignment, given to her by the angel Gabriel. Her “yes” changed the world and the impossible happened. “The Word became flesh to dwell among us” (John 1: 14) and a miracle took place. A newborn King, the Messiah, our Saviour Jesus Christ was born! God’s gift to mankind – and the real meaning of Christmas. At NightShift we’ve learned much over the last 10 years. At the top of the list, we’ve learned there is “nothing impossible with God”. We’ve seen miracles and the possible occur countless times since the snowstorm in 2004. Many things have changed over the years, but the needs of people remain the same: we all desire love, hope and purpose. NightShift says “yes” every day to people struggling with seemingly impossible situations. Through unconditional love and building trust and friendships we see the possible take place. Hopeless lives shifting and changing to hope! We know this wouldn’t be possible without your help. Your “yes” doesn’t have to be world changing like Mary’s. But it will change your world and the world of someone around you. Your “yes'” could be as simple as loving your neighbour when you don’t feel like it, or reaching out to someone in pain rather than ignoring the need. Or it may be to give in support of our Christmas Matching Pledge Challenge. Will you join us this year in saying Yes to the needs around us? Right now, every dollar you give as part of our annual fundraiser will be matched by the generous support of local businesses, until we reach our matching goal of $140,000! Now is the time to make your contribution go twice as far:

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Please note: donations received by 31st December will be eligible for a 2014 tax receipt. My heart is full of gratitude this season for the hundreds of people who have given with their finances, acts of love and service, and gift-in-kind donations. On behalf of NightShift and all the people we love and serve in the community, Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year! MaryAnne Connor (Mac), Rev, RPC Founder/President NightShift Street Ministries

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