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by NightShift

South Surrey area fitness trainer Carl C. is a tough, strong guy. He likes to use his strength to help people be the best that they can be inside the gym, and outside too. But the muscle he’s been using the most these days is perhaps his strongest – his heart – and he’s using it to help people in need on the streets of Whalley.

With his determination, strength and heart, Carl C. has been a perfect fit as the personal trainer for MaryAnne Connor, NightShift’s Founder and President. “Over the course of time, I’ve learned a lot about NightShift and I have a deep admiration for MaryAnne,” shares Carl C. “I’ve brought my family down to Whalley for the holidays a couple of times to help out,” he says. “My mom was in the soup wagon handing out soup, my son was handing out warm clothes and (my partner) Barbara and I walked around with MaryAnne just talking to the people. It changed my perception about things – people are people no matter who you are.”

When he attended NightShift’s annual Gala Fundraiser this past October, Carl C. says he was struck by the generosity of those in attendance, and he wondered what he could possibly to do help. When he spotted the pyramid display of More Than Soup collection cans, he recalls thinking: “That looks like me.”

So Carl C. has spent the last few months spreading the word among his clients, and at local gyms, about NightShift Street Ministries, and encouraging folks to help out if they can. But he’s not just filling the cans with coins – he’s asking for “folding money” too – and he’s getting it! He starts by telling people the story of NightShift, and how people on the streets of Whalley are getting food, clothing and compassionate connection 365 nights a year. He shares about the Continuum of Care, and the brand new Taste of Heaven Food Truck (coming in 2017!) that will help ensure the ongoing care of our street friends.

“Every donation is welcome, there’s no donation that’s too small but I’m looking for folding money. Because I think if you don’t ask, you don’t get,” he shares.

Carl C. says his passion to help people through NightShift Street Ministries just boils down to the innate desire inside each one of us to do better. “When we help each other, we help ourselves. I’m not reinventing the wheel here – other people have said it before me, but it’s become part of who I am. One of the things I admire about MaryAnne is that process of being our better selves. And in doing so, we are doing God’s work.”

Anyone can do it. You’ve just got to have heart, like Carl C. For more information about how you can help, email us or call 604.953.1114.

To learn more about personal fitness, and being your best you, connect with Carl C. The Fitness Enthusiast at

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