Hot prayers for cool deals

by NightShift

When using our faith often we forget to be patient. Carmen was both patient and faithful in her earnest prayers for God to supply a walk-in cooler-freezer combo for NightShift. She did not give up after the first, second or even the third year. When NightShift moved into its new facilities on the Boulevard space was at a premium. Five old chest freezers, two upright coolers and one upright freezer tried to fill our needs. These units took up much space as well as electricity. They caused the warehouse to often be unbearably hot. Three offers came to ‘maybe’ supply us with a walk-in. All well meaning but casual, the offers increased our faith the unit was coming soon. Steve learned of our need then came across a commercial cooler-freezer. Though operational it was about to be scrapped after the closing of a business. He decided with a little TLC it could become a blessing to NightShift. So the project began with calls for help going forth. Chuck and his girlfriend worked hard for hours emptying the warehouse contents into the Training Area. They had much help from Dianna, Linda, Sivokie and Eric. Allan and Eddie came one evening using their muscle to move two of the upright units out of the warehouse. Diamond Delivery kindly donated a truck and driver transporting the cooler-freezer unit to NightShift after it had been dismantled by Steve and his crew of volunteers from Lion Wellness Recovery House and Timothy House along with Mike, Michelle and Tom.  Over the next four weeks volunteers worked tirelessly cleaning and disinfecting each piece as needed. Tom helped put the roof on the 10′ x 20′ x 8′ unit. Pearl was a god-send who happened to be available and greatly enjoyed her many hours of volunteering. Once put together the unit was sanded by Owen and Lois. Then it was painted by Steve with the help of Pearl and Michelle. A new compressor was generously donated by Duke Refrigeration, and with the  purchase of a new electrical unit for the cooler, as well as new seals for the doors and a new floor our prayers were wonderfully answered. Nothing is impossible for our God! The freezer-cooler was good to go and is now fully operational. Thanks to all for their participation. Go Team go! Valerie @

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