Raicon Cares

“From building homes to feeding those in need in Surrey, we’re a part of the overall community. We’re tied together.”

Blending form and function

From the high quality of construction, to the details of design and function, Raicon Developments is about striking a balance between function and form, along with harmoniously partnering homes with communities.

That sense of balance and partnership is at the very core of Raicon Developments. The two company principals are not only business partners – they are married. An experienced builder and project manager, Ranjit Rai focuses on the development and the quality of the build. The details of design and décor are Jas Rai’s domain, and she pays keen attention to current trends and style. “We learned to respect each other as friends, which is important,” says Jas. “Together, we are always looking at what’s current in the marketplace and staying dynamic.”

Ranjit’s experience and love of building began at a young age. Growing up in Vernon, he watched his Dad build a couple of homes from the foundation up. “I learned an expedited and hands-on process,” Ranjit remembers. “Just watching my Dad, I saw how he was logical and systematic in how he held a hammer, a drill, and how he cut wood.”

Solid building values are integrated into every Raicon home today. The award-winning couple (2017 Ovation winners, Single Family Home Builder of the Year, with Miracon homes), believes building great communities and giving back to them go hand in hand. “Community is a word that can go from building a $1.2 million home in South Surrey, to feeding people in tough times in Whalley,” says Ranjit. “Both are part of the overall community. It’s all tied together.”

Raicon generously supports NightShift Street Ministries, which feeds and cares for homeless and poverty-stricken people in Surrey and Langley. “This is in our backyard, we need to give back,” says Ranjit. “There are a lot of people who need our support in the community. NightShift just makes sense to us.”

Ranjit and Jas, who also give to BC Children’s Hospital, have integrated giving into their personal lives, and into their business. Big believers in practising what they value, they have invited NightShift’s Taste of Heaven food truck out to feed their crews, along with bringing their own family out to take part in NightShift meal outreaches. “When you find a need, you fill a need,” says Jas. “You’re actually fulfilling something in your own soul when you give back to others.”

Thank you Raicon, for being a home builder who cares!

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