Park Ridge Cares

“Without a solid foundation nothing significant will endure.”

Quality and compassion

The name Park Ridge homes is synonymous with quality. From the homes they build, to the way they treat people, and their concern for the communities in which they build, this family-run business has remained dedicated to excellence since it began more than 30 years ago.

Park Ridge Homes was started in 1986 by Lloyd Hughes. After working many years in the pulp and paper industry, Lloyd followed his hard-working, entrepreneurial spirit into the home-building business. “My Dad had always wanted to be an entrepreneur. He had built a few homes before, so he went out on his own. It was a make it or break it situation – he had a family to support,” remembers son, Brad Hughes, now CEO of Park Ridge Homes. “He rolled up his sleeves and did the very best he could.”

Brad and Lloyd continue to work to the best of their ability to meet and exceed expectations at Park Ridge Homes today – in their builds, and in compassion for community. Their success as home builders is something the Hughes don’t take lightly. “Our business has been a blessing for us to run,” shares Brad. “We want to be good stewards with what we’ve been given. We want to support the communities we’re building in.”

One of the ways Park Ridge Homes supports the local area is through NightShift Street Ministries’ outreach to homeless and poverty-stricken people in Surrey. In addition to giving financially and serving in evening meal outreaches, the Hughes family have supplied weather-resistant clothing like rain gear and boots for people on the street, and given hands-on help to NightShift building maintenance. That generous help goes back to the earliest days of NightShift, when Brad provided space to refurbish the ministry’s very first food truck, and Lloyd walked step-by-step with NightShift founder, MaryAnne Connor, to meet strict city bylaws requirement to serve food to the hungry.

“Our entire family has seen the poverty that exists in Surrey and the insurmountable hurdle to get out of that condition that exists for many people with mental illness, poverty or abusive families,” Brad says. “The life I’ve been given has been like winning the lottery. But it could have been me (living in poverty). It could have been anybody. So you have to help people who don’t have any opportunities.”

Thank you, Park Ridge Homes, for being a home builder who cares!

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