“Being home builders, helping the homeless makes a lot of sense.”

Raising the bar

With more than 1,050 members, HAVAN (formerly Greater Vancouver Home Builders’ Association) is the fastest growing, second largest home-building association in Canada. That success is about more than just the hot housing market in Vancouver – it reflects HAVAN’s strong leadership, informative programming, and gathering of great companies committed to excellence in home building and ethics.

In addition to providing an active networking platform, HAVAN works with local governments on public policy matters that impact home building in Metro Vancouver, and the organization has become a respected voice in the home building industry. HAVAN also provides year-round education for home builders and related trades to stay current on the latest industry advancements. The association is open to any related company with the desire to build to a high standard and committed to a code of ethics.

“We have invested in member recruitment and become more effective in government relations,” says HAVAN’s Chief Executive Officer, Bob de Wit, who has seen his organization’s membership almost double in the last six years. “The bigger we get, the more influence we have. We are raising the bar, not just on quality, but on business practices.”

HAVAN is also raising the bar in the industry for compassionate care for the communities in which they build. The association supports NightShift Street Ministries’ community-based outreach to people without homes. “It’s a natural fit,” says Bob. “Being home builders, helping the homeless in Surrey makes a lot of sense, especially when you get down there and actually volunteer and experience a little bit of time with these folks, and see some of the challenges they’re going through.”

HAVAN has supported, promoted and partnered with NightShift in fundraising and awareness events including the Builders’ Breakfast Forum, Gala of Light fundraiser and the Annual Charity Golf Classic. “Several HAVAN members actively give back to NightShift within their own companies,” says Bob, and that reflects a strong thread of philanthropy among the membership. “Companies, like people, need to have strong sense of purpose,” Bob shares. “Sometimes it gives you a sense of purpose just to help someone else, and you don’t always have to get paid for it.”

Thank you, HAVAN, for sharing your sense of purpose, and compassionate care with NightShift.

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