Country Lumber Cares

“If we can do a good turn and help somebody else in life, it spreads. It helps build community.”

Circle of community care

From providing products that finish the small details of a home build, to large orders, delivered on time to volume builders, Country Lumber has been meeting needs in the home-building industry for decades, becoming one of the most trusted names in the industry. This family-run business started more than 30 years ago with two employees, and has grown today to 125 employees and two large-scale yards in Langley.

Running anywhere from 15 to 20 trucks, Country Lumber does well over 100 deliveries a day, stretching from Kelowna to Whistler. But no matter how big they get, the company puts customer service at a premium. “Customer service here is always number one, before anything else, and our owners are on site,” says Country Lumber sales team member, Danny Gant.

As Country Lumber has grown, they have remained focused on delivering high quality, sustainable products on time, at competitive prices. Whether they are meeting the needs of a small builder, or a high-volume multi-family builder, the team provides the comfort of working with friendly and familiar faces. Country Lumber cares about the things their customers care about.

That care and concern for customers and community is what led Country Lumber to become a faithful supporter of NightShift Street Ministries. Noticing that some of their home-building clients were involved with NightShift’s mission to feed and care for homeless people in Surrey and beyond, Country Lumber began to lend their support as well. “There’s this circle of things where people benefit from you caring. It helps with your business, other people’s businesses and most of all, it creates help for those people who really need it in the community,” shares Danny. “It’s really quite awe inspiring what happens within NightShift.”

Country Lumber has given generously to NightShift through sponsorships in the Annual Charity Golf Classic and fundraising Gala of Light. In addition to serving hands-on in meal outreaches on the street, Country Lumber has also created awareness by having the ministry’s food truck, Taste of Heaven, come and feed staff on site. “Not all of us are fortunate in life,” says Country Lumber co-owner Glenn Jenkins. “If we can do a good turn and help somebody else in life, it spreads. It helps build community.”

Thank you, Country Lumber, for being a supplier who cares!

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