Clay Cares

“Connecting is part of our culture, not only at Clay Construction, but in our lives. It’s what we model to our kids.”

Premium quality and care

Clay Construction builds premium quality custom homes and spectacular renovations. Following a careful, step-by-step construction process, and building trusted relationships with clients, the team at Clay ensures the customer gets the home of their dreams.

Larry Clay and wife, Candice, founded Clay Construction in 2004. In addition to winning several home-building awards, including a Customer Choice Georgie Award (2014), Larry holds key leadership positions in the local, provincial and national home-building associations, including Chair of Greater Vancouver Home Builders’ Association.

Before 2004, Larry taught high school at Langley Christian School for 16 years, during which time he began building homes on the side, for his own family and his friends. As demand for his building expertise grew, Larry made the career-changing decision to leave teaching and follow his dream to run his own custom home-building business.  “What I miss about teaching is the relationships with the staff and students – I love the community at Langley Christian,” Larry says. “Now I have relationships with clients, trades and employees. So, it’s people I really enjoy.”

It’s that passion for people that makes Larry Clay such an integral part of his community, both in building homes and in caring for those who don’t have a home. A dedicated supporter of NightShift Street Ministries’ outreach to homeless and poverty-stricken people in Surrey, Clay Construction has given generously in finances and hands-on serving. Since 2015, Clay Construction has sponsored one meal a month, feeding up to 100 people through NightShift’s evening meal outreach. “It’s part of our culture, not only at Clay Construction, but in our lives. It’s what we model to our kids.”

The Clay team (Larry, Candice, their kids, friends and employees) shows up to prepare the meal, serve the food and provide loving, caring contact with those who need it most. This is where Larry’s people skills and gift for encouraging others truly shines. “If all you do is hand out food and you don’t talk to people on the street, you’re missing something and they’re missing something,” shares Larry. “I take the chance to interact with them and I really enjoy that. I have a personality that likes to joke and have fun. It brings a smile to their face and I think they appreciate that.”

Thank you, Clay Construction, for being a home builder who cares!

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