Giving thanks during the pandemic

by NightShift

NightShift’s second Annual Thanksgiving Dinner was a beautiful team effort. Despite not being able to serve an indoor, sit-down meal, 135 friends on the street were treated to a fully-packaged turkey dinner and a sense of belonging! Our doors were open, as we served the dinner from the back outreach doors; handed out hot chocolate or iced tea from the side door; invited our visitors to bring their “gratitude leaves” to the front door where a gift bag awaited each person.

The leaves of gratitude are now taped to the glass in the education room, with the words facing outside toward the sidewalk, sharing what everyone was grateful for this Thanksgiving.

We are truly thankful for the community at NightShift, to our meal sponsors and to everyone who comes together for every evening meal. Even while we serve from inside during COVID-19, the sense of togetherness and unconditional love can be felt. Our guests expressed heartfelt gratitude for the special Thanksgiving meal. Some shared thanks through tears, and many said they were thankful for NightShift, many were grateful for family and friends, and for food. Some said they were grateful to be alive.

Our friends on the street often minister to our own hearts as we minister to theirs! It’s God’s kingdom and we are so thankful for the love of Jesus.

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