White Rock Life Church Cares

Actively pursuing the calling to impact people.

The mission of White Rock Life Church is simple: to be a church that impacts people. Since its beginning in the late 1960’s, the people of White Rock Life Church have actively and purposefully pursued this mission. From regular Sunday morning services, to supporting missions both locally and globally, this church community has actively pursued their calling to impact people.

To White Rock Life Church, serving is a combination of two very important things: direct ministry and prayer. They desire to directly serve those around them, all the while firmly believing in the power of prayer and the enormous impact it has on those people’s lives. With this in mind, White Rock Life Church began its relationship with NightShift.

White Rock Life Church has been a huge support to the NightShift community over the years. They began with financial support in October 2019, with the help of the Living Room Thrift Store, which is voluntarily ran by members of their congregation. Many members of the church have also come out to NightShift’s Surrey outreach to serve a hot meal and hope to people in need. In addition, a member of the White Rock Life Church congregation hand knit five beautiful homemade blankets, which were donated to friends struggling on the street.

NightShift is grateful for the kind support of White Rock Life Church. Thank you for serving people in need!