Town + Field Church Cares

Join God in restoring all things – in our lives and in the world.

The name “Town + Field Church” says a lot. It represents what their congregation strives to be as a faith community.

As a “Town”, it is their hope to be a place of authentic community – a place of belonging regardless of circumstance. The “Field” refers to work, interacting with neighbours, raising families, and living day-to-day lives. It is in these spaces that Town + Field Church believes people are called to walk in the way of Jesus in the everyday moments. The mission of Town + Field is to join God in restoring all things – in our lives and in the world.

In keeping with this mission, Town + Field Church emphasizes the importance of serving others. One of their church’s four DNA statements is “Think Out,” meaning actively caring for the world around them. Town + Field believes God has given everyone the potential and capacity to make a difference in the world around us in the ways that He has created us.

One of the ways the people of Town + Field have made a big difference is through supporting and serving NightShift Street Ministries. From generous financial donations, to teams actively serving people in need on the streets in Langley during NightShift outreach, Town + Field Church shows their dedication to caring for the world around them

Thank you, Town + Field Church, for partnering with NightShift to serve friends in need!