Peoples Church Cares

Even one life is transformed through reaching out, then all efforts have been worth it.

Peoples Church is dedicated to engaging the community. Their mission is to be an outward reaching church, both locally and globally, through participating in outreach close to home and engaging in international missions. Their church lives to multiply the life of Jesus in every nation and every generation.

They believe that if even one life is transformed through reaching out, then all their efforts have been worth it. Peoples Church sees serving as an essential element of their mission. Through serving, they aim to pursue the good of the community and to share the love of Jesus in direct and practical ways.

Peoples Church began serving with NightShift Street Ministries years ago when Deacon John Holmes met a homeless man living underneath the stairs of the church. After chatting with the man, he immediately knew he wanted to help. John had heard about MaryAnne Connor, NightShift’s Founder and President, and the outreach work she was doing with people experiencing homelessness, and he decided to reach out. This interaction was just the beginning of years of continued support and involvement with NightShift. Peoples Church continues to accommodate NightShift by allowing the ministry to park outreach vehicles in the church’s parking lot.

The kindness and service that Peoples Church has shown to the NightShift community over the years is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!