Ladner Christian Reformed Church Cares

“Prayer was not only for themselves, but often for others as well.”

Through the good news of God’s love, Ladner Christian Reformed Church recognizes that we all have one very important thing in common – we are all God’s dearly loved children. As such, Ladner CRC believes in living a life in radical response to God’s love and goodness. By loving Him wholeheartedly, being transformed by the Spirit’s work, being connected to His people, and serving others, we can demonstrate God’s love in our world.

For Ladner CRC, serving means sharing hope and encouragement with the church and the community. With this in mind, one of the deacons at Ladner CRC, Peter Klomps, became actively  involved in serving with NightShift Street Ministries. Through this connection, Ladner CRC decided to further support us by involving the rest of their congregation.

Deacon Peter fondly reminisces about his memories with NightShift: “I have been so blessed volunteering over the past several years. Twice a month I meet with other volunteers helping with serving soup and interacting with many street friends. I was always amazed by the amount of people that would line up night after night, and by their appreciation for this ministry and what was being provided. Our street friends were, for most part, willing to share their stories and several would join in the prayer circle the end of the evening. Prayer was not only for themselves, but often for others as well.”

NightShift is so grateful for the continued support, love, and kindness of Ladner Christian Reformed Church. Thank you!