Green Timbers Covenant Church Cares

Bringing the love received from God and offering it to other people

Green Timbers Covenant Church is a multicultural, multigenerational community that aims to focus everything they do on Christ’s redeeming work. Their mission is to cultivate God’s values by nurturing a community of disciples committed to building relational bridges in their life circles, their neighbourhoods, and in the global village.

Serving is a natural way of living out Kingdom values for Green Timbers Covenant Church, bringing the love they receive from God and offering it to other people. For Green Timbers, serving is an essential part of the process of building the relational bridges that help connect people to God, and the love that is experienced through faith.

Green Timbers Covenant Church began their involvement with NightShift Street Ministries back in 2012. Since then, they have shown people struggling on the streets in Whalley so much love, hope and purpose, through financially supporting NightShift’s mission of reaching out, touching hearts and bringing people together with a hot meal, 365 nights a year.

“It’s good to see an organization that’s doing good work in the community working to cultivate God’s values,” shares Green Timbers’ Senior Pastor, Andy Sebanc.

NightShift is grateful for the continued generosity of Green Timbers Covenant Church. Thank you for your kind support!