Families for Christ Community Cares

At NightShift … we actually get to know the people we serve.

Families for Christ Community is a faithful group of people, living in support of one another. Their mission is to proclaim the gospel through the way they live, share their call to the people they meet, and transform lives through the grace of God.

Service is a huge part of the mission for Families for Christ Community. As they see it, serving is love in action, and actively loving those around them is the call of Families for Christ Community.

With this calling in mind, Families for Christ Community got involved with Nightshift Street Ministries back in 2019. They serve every second Sunday of the month in addition to supporting friends on the street with blankets and warm winter clothes. They have a huge heart for loving the marginalized in our communities in an authentic, Christ-like way.

Acts of Mercy Ministry Coordinator, Karen Valencia, comments: “I was first deeply touched when I was just a guest on my very first visit (to NightShift). I saw that the volunteers were very engaged with our street friends. They knew them by name and knew about their lives. But what really got me was the prayer circle. The plight of our street friends became ‘real’, and I was deeply moved that they actually believed in being prayed for.  I also love the fact that some of them actually joined the prayer circle and even offered their own prayers. The prayer request of the woman I was praying for was to be healed of her addiction. At that point, I felt a tug on my heart, and I almost choked as I held back tears. At NightShift … we actually get to know the people we serve; we engage with them, we get to know about their lives. In so doing, we get to show them the love and care of Christ in very concrete ways.”

NightShift is so grateful for the dedicated service and support of Families for Christ Community. Thank you for the kindness you extend to all in our community.