Delta Church Cares

Prayerfully consider how to help and create a lasting impact.

Since its beginning as a Sunday School outreach from Connaught Heights Church in the late 1960’s, Delta Church has had an “outward” looking mission, with a heart for serving the community. To this day, the mission of their church remains to be a “People of Blessing”. Delta Church identifies a need in their community, and prayerfully consider how they can help and create a lasting impact.

Delta Church originally got involved with NightShift Street Ministries in 2005. Their youth pastor at the time, Reverend Jaz Ghag, heard about the opportunity to serve with NightShift, and immediately brought a group of youth to help out, knowing they could make a difference. By taking this first step to intentionally serve others, Delta Church began a long-standing relationship with NightShift.

Once a month, for many years, they prepared soup and sandwiches for people in need on the streets, up until 2018. Members from their congregation including Rick Gagner, Curtis Braun, and Mike King, were instrumental in launching NightShift’s first Charity Golf Classic fundraiser. Former Pastor Jeff Beck remembers one year “we decided to do a ‘Golf Marathon’ before the actual tournament. So, we golfed several rounds on a Friday afternoon/evening and Saturday morning/afternoon. Then we participated in the tournament. It was a lot of fun.” Curtis Braun continues to actively be involved with MC’ing various fundraising events with NightShift.

The love and support of Delta Church is so greatly appreciated by NightShift. Thank you for your generous support.