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Walk the Walk: 7 Weeks, 7 Steps

by NightShift

Dedication, Effort and Determination In my recent book, I talk about 7 Steps we can take to create a ‘shift’ in in our lives and in support of NightShift: promote the book, donate clothing, support Sisters Thrift Boutique, volunteer, contribute financially, pray and smile. The number 7 is back as we find ourselves in the…

What Brings You Joy?

by NightShift

By MaryAnne Connor Yesterday was stressful – wrestling with tough decisions, questioning compassion and fatigue. In the midst of it all, I was challenged by this question, “What brings you joy, Mac?” Silence for a second. Have you ever been asked that question? Without giving it much thought, I tossed back a quick answer. In…

The Shift: Moving and Relatable

by NightShift

“Inspiring, Relatable, Trail-blazing, Authentic, Warrior.” By Karen Cooper They say it takes only one. One person to step up. One person to be the change. This past December I received The Shift: The Power of Belief as a birthday present. It’s a local book about a grassroots ministry written by someone I’ve heard about for many…