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Ride for Love, Hope and Purpose

by NightShift

Our mission statement revolves around some pretty strong words. At NightShift we’re on a mission and the journey is an exciting one. This month, we have the huge honour of embarking on part of that journey together with Surrey’s Freedom Bike Church, as together we ride for Love, Hope and Purpose on the 2012 Recovery…

What’s the worth of a penny?

by NightShift

On Friday, the last Canadian one-cent coin was struck. As the good luck pennies start to disappear from circulation, we will never forget how lucky we felt on the day that Denis proudly presented to NightShift his jar of pennies.   Denis had stooped and collected in the only way he felt he could support…

A place for all people, a village of care

by NightShift

Monday 3rd October marks the first day of voting for this truly visionary project. NightShift is planing to build ‘a village of retreat, recovery and reintegration’. The Care Village is a safe haven for people seeking restoration. By enabling individuals to rediscover purpose and unconditional love – by supporting them with counselling, life/work skills education and all-round care – the village of care will foster…