Busloads of Care

by NightShift

 A note of thanksgiving and praise for the amazing launch of the Care Bus last week. It was truly uplifting to see the wonderful response to the presence of the bus. One gentleman I saw, who recently became homeless, was so appreciative, saying “this is a great idea” and how blessed he was that NightShift could give him some vitamins. He was someone who tried to look after his health through supplements but wasn’t sure how he’d be able to do so now. I was able to support him with some health teaching and he was also interested in a referral. It was great to see the whole RV in use, including the counselling area.  I was so impressed with the great team work, with everyone pitching in and serving, and I could really feel the prayer support. Mike was such a blessing, as he greeted and organized people waiting to see a nurse or counsellor, he truly exudes the love of Christ and care for the people. Another man I saw had quite a few health issues and wondered if we had antihistamines for his allergies; although we didn’t I was able to give some teaching to offer help with his issues. He was quite underweight, but shared how he had put on 20 lbs since receiving meals at NightShift! He was also thankful for vitamins he received. If we could get donations of high cal protein drinks like Ensure or Boost many like him would experience a very positive effect on their physical health. Near the end of our time he told me he was having some chronic pain in his body, especially his shoulder. When I asked him if he would like me to pray for him, he was very happy for me to do so, and after we prayed he said the pain was gone from his shoulder – PTL – and I told him that was Jesus.  I saw the other nurses providing foot care on a gentleman and providing him with clean socks, they were being the hands and feet of Christ as they looked after his need. He appeared to be very happy and wanted to chat as others did, too. I really sensed the love and peace of God in the bus and all the people coming in seemed to be blessed and quite a few talked about coming back. PTL for the launch of the Care Bus and as we show His love in not only words but actions, I believe the Lord will use us to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness the prisoners. l Is 61:1 Blessings, Barb

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