A Christmas Dinner 2020

by NightShift

NightShift’s Christmas Dinner 2020 was definitely one to remember!

This year, for the first time, we were delighted to extend our hot turkey dinner service to include Langley as well as Surrey. Because of the generosity of our sponsors from the local business and faith communities, NightShift shared a holiday meal, gifts and goodies with about 225 people in both cities.

Christmas Dinner provides an opportunity to share a hot meal and gifts celebrating the great news that God has come to live among us. We need that reminder this year more than ever — Jesus, Emmanuel, has come to dwell in the NightShift neighbourhood.

We were faced with unusual challenges this Christmas season: pandemic restrictions on gatherings, inclement weather, power outages and mechanical difficulties with our food truck. But our wonderful volunteers pulled together, made quick adjustments to serve hot turkey dinners over three nights in Surrey and Langley combined. Well done everyone!

Merry Christmas to all!

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3 thoughts on “A Christmas Dinner 2020

Helene Iliffe

This was always my priority meal of the year. Bless you all for filling the void in so many precious lives in Whalley. Happy new year !


Peter Brooke

I love what Nightshift stands for and the many hundreds of people whose lives are being changed, one act of kindness and one extended hand of God’s grace at a time! I will continue to support this ministry in 2021 and look forward to when I can come out again to serve in person. I was helping Maggie with Friday night art classes but that got shut down last Jan or Feb.


Shirley Racz

Another challenge met and overcome was physical disability- Derrick was there faithfully not allowing pain to stop him.


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