Sweet Easter

by NightShift

2010 Apr 1_sweet_NightShift blog post_What does Easter mean to you? Is it a signal that spring with its promise of newness has arrived? Does the season indicate it’s time for a new suit, outfit or patio furniture? Chocolate bunnies and Easter egg hunts enamour our children and grandchildren. All these things are wonderful. We do enjoy them, especially after a long winter. But! There is a much deeper purpose and meaning in the heart of the One who designed and executed the first Easter. Love – sacrificial, intentional, kind and purposeful – made sure we would all be provided for. Love determined we all would be included in the opportunity to receive eternal life. Easter is love in action.  Here at NightShift Street Ministries we strive to mimic that love by providing food, clothing and counselling to those in need. Would you join us? We could use your help in topping up our food supplies with  . . . white sugar, coffee whitener, mayonnaise and sliced bread.

Valerie @ NightShiftMinistries.org Photo courtesy of Anne-Mette Pedersen

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